Audio for

TV and Radio

At Subsonic Imaging we redefine the auditory landscape for Radio and Television through our comprehensive music production, sound design, and post-production services. As a cutting-edge company dedicated to elevating your audio content, we offer a range of specialized solutions.



Music Production

Collaborate with our skilled composers to create original, theme-specific music that resonates with your brand and captivates your audience. From catchy jingles to immersive scores, our music production services are tailored to enhance the identity of your Radio and Television broadcasts.


Sound Design

Our team excels in the art of sound design, bringing narratives to life through meticulously crafted audio elements. We enhance your content with immersive soundscapes, impactful effects, and dynamic sonic textures that engage listeners and viewers alike.



Harness the power of professional post-production with our advanced teqniques. We meticulously edit and mix the audio for your screen recordings, ensuring clarity, balance, and a polished final product. Our post-production expertise guarantees that your content meets the highest industry standards. 

Audio Branding


Elevate your brand presence with seamlessly integrated audio branding elements. Whether it’s creating signature intros, outros, or promotional segments, we ensure that your brand identity is reinforced consistently, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Voice enhancement

And Balancing

Prioritize clear and balanced audio levels with our voice enhancement and balancing services. We fine-tune vocal performances of voice-overs and more, guaranteeing that every word is delivered with precision and impact. Consistency across your audio content ensures a seamless and enjoyable listening experience.


Integration with Broadcasting Platforms

We understand the importance of smooth integration with broadcasting platforms. Our services include optimizing file formats and ensuring that your audio content is ready for easy distribution and accessibility across various Radio and Television channels.

Subsonic Imaging

At Subsonic Imaging, we are passionate about shaping the sonic identity of your broadcasts. Whether you’re launching a new program, brand or product, seeking to enhance existing content, our company is your dedicated partner for achieving unparalleled audio excellence in the world of Radio and Television.