Audio for


We specialize in elevating the auditory experience of your podcast through tailored music composition and our refined post-production techniques. Some examples of our work:


Music Score Composition:

Collaborate with us to create unique, theme-specific music for your podcast. Whether it’s a memorable intro, captivating outro, or background music, our compositions are crafted to enhance your storytelling and leave a lasting impression.


Sound design


Our team excels in precise sound design to complement your podcast’s narrative. From creating immersive environments to adding impactful sound effects, we strategically enhance the overall listening experience, making your content stand out.


Editing and Mixing

We use advanced techniques to meticulously edit and mix your recordings. This includes removing unwanted noise, smoothing transitions, and ensuring a polished, professional final product.

Subsonic Imaging

At Subsonic Imaging, we are passionate about delivering the podcast experience you require. Whether you’re launching a new program, brand or product, seeking to enhance existing content, our company is your dedicated partner for achieving unparalleled audio excellence in the world of Podcasts and post-production.