A tailored sonic identity

That perfectly suits your brand

Sound magic

For Film, Tv, Radio & Podcast

Our team of skilled wizards specializes in crafting sonic identities that breathe life into visual storytelling. We divide our work into two categories.

Audio Post Production

& Editing

Our mixing and mastering expertise is unmatched. We fine-tune audio elements to perfection, ensuring your project sounds its best, whether it’s a film, TV show, podcast, or music production. 

Music Composition

& Production

With years of experience in delicate music production, we’ve collaborated on numerous successful projects for film, TV, Radio & Podcast. Whether you’re looking for a score to enlighten your film or commercial or a personal sonic branding, our expertise ensures your project will get it’s deserved sonical identiy. 


Audio for podcast

See below, our finest examples of our latest works and clients. 

Music Composition

Music compositions play a pivotal role in various forms. In the world of film, they immerse audiences in stories. For podcasts, they create a unique listening experience setting the mood right. And in TV and radio commercials, they help establish brand identity and deliver memorable messages. You can embrace the power of our music compositions to enhance your content and connect with your audience on a deeper level, whether it’s through film, podcasts, or advertising. For each case, we deliver what’s best for your needs.


Post production

Audio post-production involves refining sound quality through tasks like editing, mixing, and mastering, tailored to meet the unique needs of each medium, such as films and podcasts. We specialize in making your audio mix stand out and deliver exceptional results for all forms of broadcasting.

Who we are


Subsonic Imaging is the result of a collaboration between Bouke Hennipman and Frederik Middelhoff. Bouke, with his roots at the Academy of Arts (Utrecht) and a knack for winning awards with his compositions, brings a strong musical foundation to the partnership. In contrast, Frederik has a wealth of experience gained from working as a sound designer in prominent audio design companies, where he served as a producer, editor, and mixer. Together, they combine their skills to shape and define your distinct sonic brand identity.